WACtivist triptych is up!

the WACtivist Art-party from this past weekend produced some amazing signs, including this triptych.

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UC police officers training to brutalize student protestors

This is pretty horrifying, but with the recent heavy-handed crackdown on student organizers and protestors it’s not that surprising.

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March on Nov. 2 in solidarity with Occupy Oakland’s general strike

The Police Riot that happened at Occupy Oakland this week has sparked a general strike that city’s around the world will participate in. Some of our UCLA Fights Back comrades are up in Oakland organizing for the Nov 2 Mass Day of Action.  Those of us in the L.A. area will be marching in solidarity, and speaking out against economic injustice and police brutality.
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UC Budget “crisis” explained in 3-minute cartoon

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Click on the Facebook Event Page to RSVP

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WACtivists Hosting an Art Party

Budget cuts & fee increases=a lack of creativity.
Let’s counter their proposals with arts & culture!

Bring markers, pens, paint, paper, posterboard, cardboard, fabric.
Bring wood, garbage, urinals, bike wheels, dead flowers, and magic.
Bring creativity, a good vibe, and dancing shoes.
Let’s make some art!

The campus is our canvas.
The world is our stage.
The Movement is our dance.

Come out on Wednesday October 25 7pm @ Glorya Kaufman Hall to join the WACtivists in making some revolutionary art for the Revolution.

Check out the Facebook Event page:


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 They thought we were dead.  They thought they put us in the grave for good.  They thought we would never rise up.  But now…Fall…2011…we are BACK FROM THE DEAD! The students…ARE ALIVE!  Our numbers are legion! We are coming for brains! We are coming to take back our education! We are coming to take over the world!

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