Understanding the Upcoming Regents Meeting

The Regents will be meeting on Nov 16 & 17 at UCSF to discuss, among other things, the UC budget.  We have received word that the Regents will not be voting on the 81% tuition increase at this meeting, or any tuition increase for that matter.  However, this is no cause for relief.  Here’s why.

According to the agenda, on Thursday Nov. 17, 10:30am the Regents Finance Committee will be meeting about an action item called “Approval of University of California 2012-13 Expenditure Plan for Current Operations and 2012-13 Budget for State Capital Improvements.”  By voting on the budget and expenditures during this meeting they are making tuition hikes and further cuts something that will have to be voted on and approved at a future meeting.  In other words, this action item is a de facto way to increase fee at a later date.

This is clearly a political move on the part of the Regents. They are throwing the ball to the State, saying “we approved X in expenses, and if you don’t fund them, then we’re going to increase fees by Y”.  A student response should take into account, then, that we need just as much presence and pressure on Nov 17 as we do on the 16th for the Regents Meeting.  We need to stop the approval of their expenditures.  Failing this, we need to pivot our efforts immediately to the State…and then back again to the Regents.  So to save our energy, we should probably just shut down the meeting on the 16th & 17th. : )

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