Press Release: OccupyOakland solidarity March Nov.2 downtown L.A.

Emergency Mass March This Wednesday
Solidarity with Occupy Oakland Protesters

Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Meet at 5:30 PM – Occupy LA (1st and Spring, City Hall)
March at 6:00 PM – through downtown Financial District

Stop the attacks on the Occupy Protests!
End racist repression by Police!
Drop all charges on all Occupy protesters!
Defend the right to free speech and assembly!

A week ago in early hours of the morning in Oscar Grant Plaza in downtown
Oakland, the essential function of police in the United States became
evident once again. An army of police descended on sleeping people whose
crimes included providing free communal food, creating a library, hosting
classes and public discussions, and making public the vast disparity
between rich and poor which positions some in lives of underpaid labor and
others in lives of obscene comfort. The OPDs arrests, beatings, and
gassings sent a veteran named Scott Olsen to the emergency room.

The Oakland response to this police violence was clear and immediate: our
comrades rallied and regained the plaza, supported by large crowds; their
response demonstrates with perfect clarity that a police attack against us
will only grow this movement.

Wednesday November 2nd at 5:30 pm we will gather to march in solidarity
with our comrades in Oakland, continuing the struggle against the brutal
LAPD who have claimed the lives of over 25 people this year and perpetuated
the cycle of surveillance and incarceration which has devastated
communities in South and East Los Angeles over the last 30 years.

We also express our deep joy that the assembly in Oakland called for a
general strike on November 2nd. We can only hope that our own solidarity
rally tomorrow at 5:30 pm will strengthen the bonds of mutual support and
collective outrage that will fuel a similar General Strike in Los Angeles
in the coming months. Our city has not forgotten the success of the May 1
2006 shutdown of business as usual that said no to war on Afghanistan and
Iraq and that said no to racist immigration crackdowns.

May 1st also said no to the police that profile and incarcerate in poor,
working and of color communities and that frustrate what would surely be a
mass and complete shutdown everywhere of an American and globalized
economic system that has produced this time of massive unemployment and
concessions to the wealthiest. We also remember fondly the Longshoremen
strikes of the 1930s when labor movements made good on threats and produced
successful general strikes in multiple cities across the state.

Occupy LA sends all revolutionary solidarity to Oakland. From Long Beach to
the Bay, from Pelican Bay to Attica: don’t stop, we won’t. Long live the
Oakland Commune.


The Committee to End Police Brutality @ Occupy LA
Julia Wallace               310-404-6729
Orlando Pardo            562-787-3939
Alejandra Cruz            562-298-8569

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